Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Mountaun Laurel Seed

We walked into the woods to find something interesting to examine and yet again the Mountain Laurel captured our imagination.  This time it was its seed.  A small, round, hard, sticky ball.

"That seed spreads by sticking to things," my boys informed me.  Was it sticky because of a substance with which it coats itself, or does it have tiny hooks, as Ds#2 suggested?  We needed a closer look.

We looked with out loupes and he was right about the hooks.  We took pictures and compared it to Velcro.  The boys noted that it holds firmly, but not as tightly as a burseed.

They went right to work drawing.  Ds#1 and Ds#2 finally know to draw the magnified image while Ds#3 still uses the loupe but draws it actual size, so it must be an age-related phenomenon.

Green bouncy ball;
Candy apple;
Gas nebula;
Arrow through an apple;
The hand to a Lego figure;
A planet;
Dragonfly head.

 I was born on a mountain laurel and one day a kid with a green lollypop walked by. He suddenly dropped his lollypop and it hit me right on the noggin. I immediately stuck to it and I was dragged to the ground. I stayed there for three days before a black bear decided to eat the lollypop I was stuck to. In doing so I somehow got stuck to the fur on his back. The bear wandered away and in about a half hour I was rubbed onto a tree. I stayed on that tree for a week and I nearly sprouted, but before I could sprout, a very strong wind blew up and up into the air I went. I blew for so long that I blew up into a cloud that I stuck to. The cloud blew and blew. By the time I got unstuck, I was in Indiana! I started in Massachusetts. I dropped slowly to the ground and I suddenly landed on a NASCAR Indy Racer! I had never gone so fast in my life and never got so dizzy. When I got off that car I landed on the forehead of a crazy fan who was jumping all over the place. I was dizzy enough, and I didn’t need more. So I quickly jumped out a there. I landed on a pigeon which was in the middle of its migration to France. Weeks later, I was in France. I dropped down off the bird and landed on the tippy top of the Eiffel tower. I really liked the view. I jumped off and landed in a school yard. The kids were playing with a green bouncy ball. The bouncy ball hit me and then rolled into the sewer. Down in the sewer, I found many thing, my two favorite was a dragonfly head and the hand of a Lego figure. I found a way out of the sewer and I hopped onto the roof of a French bus. I chose the perfect bus to go on. Its destination was China. I was on the roof of that bus for two months and when I finely jumped of the bus I was in China. I decided to move on and I found another bus that was headed for India. When I got to India, the first thing I did was go to the Taj Mahal. The place was huge. I stayed for three days enjoying the vastness of the place and eating. After that I decided that I wanted to sprout. So I went back to China and there I sprouted. I then ended up in the world records book for being the first mountain laurel to grow in China.

[So many rabbit trails here--do pigeons migrate?  Are there buses from France to China and back to India? Just how far is is from Massachusetts to Indiana?  From France to China?  Are there mountain laurels in China?]

Loaded catapult;
An arm holding a ball;
Unripe blueberry;
A green bouncy ball;

One day a seed was sleeping on his bush when a person brushed against him.  He was still sleeping and he stuck to his shirt and went on an adventure.  Hours later he woke up and found himself miles away.  He let himself down and landed on fresh soil and grew to be a mountain laurel bush.

Branch with a beehive;
Arm holding a ball;
Green tomato;
Unripe blueberry;
Green ball

We went outside.  The day was warm with a nice breeze.  We went into the woods.  When we first started, I saw a black butterfly with a little white on it and had little orange dots on the bottom.  It looked like a spicebush swallowtail.  After that we walked a littler farther when Sam found green dots that were sticky.

[We have been on the hunt for a spicebush, another member of the laurel family and commonly found in this area, according to our research.  We keep breaking off and sniffing the leaves of possible plants.]