Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Curiosity Shop

We like to visit a small science museum known as The Ecotarium.  I think of it as a Nature Study museum.  They have many live animal exhibits mostly of local wildlife but also includes a polar bear.  The day we went happened to be a rare mild day in the middle of winter so we even wandered the grounds after looking at the indoor exhibits.

One of our kids' favorite exhibits is the Curiosity Shop.  No matter how many times we go in there, we always pick up some interesting nature item that the curator discusses with us.  They love to just rummage around in the room full of all sorts of curiosities!


As you can see by the pictures, the shop has a very interesting variety of items.  Porcupines, whale spines, turtle shells, skulls, petrified rocks, baleen, shark jaws, even the snout of a sawfish.

I have long wanted a curiosity corner in our house; places like this are inspiring.  Perhaps I will come up with one soon.


  1. Isn't is nice to have such a treasure practically in your own backyard? Having kids in love with nature and filled with curiosity is even better.

  2. HI, Kris: We started a "Cabinet of Curiousities" in our house: I bought a 40$ golf ball display case at Michael's and put it up in our little hallway. We're putting our elements collection, rocks, specimens, etc. there. It's so much fun! Natalia

  3. Cheryl, I agree on both points!

    Natalia, that's an interesting and simple idea I am going ot have to check out.