Thursday, November 11, 2010

Autumn Colors

A mild September remained green for so long that we almost forgot autumn's regular show.  October quickly blazed and summarily faded to the rich brown hues of November, when the trees go bare one by one.

During that brief time of beauty we could not help but look closer at Nature shouting all around us.  A maple leaf, a wild cherry, and the lavender that would soon be gone.

A Maple Leaf by Ds#1
The sunset, an arrowhead
A mountain, Fall
Long Island, a scab
A flame, a cardinal
A red flag, a ripped tablecloth

"I think it looks the way it does because the trees are getting ready for winter.  The tree's leaves are changing color and losing their leaves."

Lavender by Ds#2

Fireworks, a missile, an outside view of a time warp, a candle, a bow staff with flaming ends,
exploding firecracker, two fuse dynamite stick, a charged battery, two lightning strikes, lightening staff.

"I think that my flower has its smell because when you water the plant, it reacts with the plant and releases a nice scent."

My Story: "I came from a plant, and I rolled around  until a storm found me and packaged me up and I was put on a shelf.  I waited for a month until someone bought me and I was planted and I grew to be a plant."

A Wild Cherry by Ds#3

Lady bug
Red balloon

The kids discovered the water colored pencils I have had in the nature kit for years and decided to put them to good use.  They really liked the effect with these bright colors.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baldfaced Hornets

I have a lot of nature pictures that I intended to post but I have not been able to blog these past few months.  We have had weekly Private Eye sessions that I will get to posting soon, I hope.  I at least wanted to post these pictures and video of a giant baldfaced hornets' nest that was in a bush right outside our back door.

We were immediately impressed by the sheer size--a gray basketball in the bushes!  White and gray that seemed to once flow in currents now solidified.

One day we went outside and found it split open, pieces lying on the ground.  The hornets, though few, still came and went from it.  Inside, along the edges, were hexagon chambers with opaque amber filling erratically pulsing from something inside it. Other chambers contained thin white remnants with holes, while others still were empty completely.

I took a video of what was left.