Sunday, July 18, 2010

More On Our Nature Walk

These pictures are from the same walk in which I took the bird pictures.  As you can see, the boys had a lot of fun as we wandered around, and we found quite a variety flowers and things to photograph and identify.

Ds#2 is perched on the rocks.
Ds#3 is throwing rocks into the reservoir.
Ds#1 is enjoying a Brian Jacques book.
They found the remains of some tall and sturdy plants...well, somewhat sturdy:

Ds#3 is feeling very big atop the rocks and waves joyously!

We read that the mullein plant had many uses in days gone by, including using the large, soft leaves to line your moccasins.  Ds#2 decided to give it a try.  He said it was quite comfortable!
Ox Eye Daisies   
A dandelion seed head.  It looks as if a second one merged with this one.
White water lily
Evening Primrose
Maiden Pink
Blue Toadflax
English Plantain
A deciduous tree with "cones"?  They are catkins on this Mountain Adler.

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