Saturday, July 31, 2010

Flower Study Private Eyes

After our nature walk the boys took their samples home and began work on their sheets.  Even though we brought moistened paper towels and plastic bags for our specimens they did not make it home in very good shape. (I need to come up with a good solution for that problem.)

Ds#1 chose the blue toadflax to Observe and draw. He made analogies for the Compare step:
  • a paw
  • an asteroid
  • a fly and a fly swatter
  • a violet
  • a jumping man
  • a bug
  • a tree
  • a bird
  • a butterfly
  • woodchips

For his Consider step he wrote, "I think the petals grew out--spread--so they could suck in the sun easier.

He also did some journal writing:  "The dam where I found my flower is a beautiful place.  You can do tins of stuff there like walks, hike, have picnics, go swimming, and much, much more."
Ds#2 really liked the patch of Maiden Pink on the grassy areas by the reservoir.  (Unfortunately it has since met the demise of the lawn mower.)

Here are his analogies:

  • a pink hand
  • pink explosion
  • elephant's trunk
  • carnivourous plant's mouth
  • multiple hands connected to one another
  • a swirl of colors
  • a nose
  • a spear point
  • a broom
  • pink lights

This is what he thought when considering why it looked as it did: "I think the flowers are spiked because when the flower was not in bloom, the pedals were connected.  So when it bloomed it tore the pedals evenly."

He decided to write a comparison for his journal entry: "The pedals on my flower are brighter and lighter than the ones on a violet.  The leaves on my flower are longer than the ones on a violet.  the stem on my flower is about the same width as a stem on a violet.

Ds#3's flower did not make it home in any condition for drawing, so he decided to draw the remains of a robin's egg he found in the yard a few days before.

His comparisons:
  • a lake
  • a blue rock
  • a blue heart
  • a blue pastel
Since this walk I have been buried in work I have to do over the summer for new classes I am teaching in the fall.  The boys have been swimming, and even spent a week at nature camp.  They still look at all kinds of things through their loupes, though we have not done anything formal in a bit.  We will again soon...

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