Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pictures from a Pond Walk

We recently met up with some friends to walk down to the pond near their home to see the sights.  While we didn't bring our loupes with us this time, we did encourage the kids to make analogies (and to try to stay dry at the waters edge.)

The fish beds were a striking observation.  With the dark muck pushed aside, the beds gleamed below the surface.  We did see one fish lurking at the edge of a bed, though it quickly swam away as our gang all huddled around to try to see.  A half dozen beds were easily visible from the shore.

Water lilies spread their broad leaves and shot up their yellow blooms but they had yet to open their pedals.  A bee is crawling on this one frantically seeking nectar; neither will she enjoy the bloom today.

Dragonflies dominated the air above the pond, darting after smaller insects and resting on the lily pads.  The kids tried to catch them, but these are not as tame as the ones in our yard who seem to wait for my children to gently hold them by their tails.  And we mothers again warned them about falling into the pond.

Across the pond we could see the handiwork of beavers, though not the beavers themselves.  We found old gnawed remnants on our side, too, from years gone by.

What will the pond look like in summer?

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