Saturday, April 24, 2010

More About Our Class

We didn't have class last week because it was school vacation in this part of the world, but we will be resuming this coming week.  Each week we end up with a different set of kids but we have enough regular comers to still progress along.

In our one hour session the older kids have had just enough time to choose a specimen, look, write some analogies, and then draw.  Last session, Deb spent some time talking to the older kids about analogies--what they are, and what makes some analogies better than others.  This coming week I think they are going to look back at something they've done and do some creative writing.

Poetry, nature journals, and creative stories are all types of writing that can be started or enhanced by analogies.  I hope to have some more examples after our next meeting.

As for the younger kids, we've been able to get some haiku poetry and some descriptive writing out of them.  We are still working on getting them to slow down to be more thoughtful and observant, and that has led to improvements over the weeks.  I've been looking into various types of poetry since Jamie suggested the cinquain form; I'm hoping to introduce this to them next time.

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