Friday, April 9, 2010

Comparisons Ds#3

Ds#3 just turned 7.  He does everything with great enthusiasm.

He's been looking at several buds and other things as well.  Last week he picked up an acorn and placed it into his specimen bag.  By the time we went off to Private Eye class several days later something very interesting happened.

The acorn sprouted!

This made a wonderful object for class.  He looked at it carefully through the loupe and then came up with the following analogies:

A worm, a glue stick, a laser shooting out (he was looking at just the sprout.)

A tear drop, an eye (looking at just the acorn)

A cat or a dog, a single hair on top of a head, my loupe on its lanyard, a slipper.

He drew his acorn using 5x and 10x magnification.  As you can see, the size compared to the circle looks like he drew the object without magnification.

Next I asked him to think about why it looked like that.

He said, "It's growing.  This is a root that is growing out of it."

I wonder what other plant structures we will find arise from our specimens.  This leads to a question I will pose to my kids, "What is the difference between a bud and a seed?"

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